Shady Jack’s first opened in the rolling hills of Missouri in 1996 as a family run campground complex complete with a pool, grocery stop, and restaurant/bar. Shady Jack’s wasn’t your run-of-the-mill camping destination, but rather a gathering place for a wide variety of folks that shared a passion for motorcycles and hot rods. The property provided a great space for car shows, cruises, bike events, and charity motorcycle runs.

Despite the success of the restaurant & bar within the campground complex in the Missouri countryside, Shady Jack’s relocated to downtown St. Louis in 2000, becoming Shady Jack’s Saloon. The new location put the saloon at the intersection of numerous Interstates, making it a stopping point and meeting place for bikers. Since Shady Jack’s doors opened in St. Louis, it has transformed into a wildly popular destination built largely around biker culture.

Although Shady Jack’s and family is rooted in Missouri, Western Washington has been home to members of the family for years. Given that we want to bring the spirit of the St. Louis location to the suburbs of Seattle, and get back to that original family friendly atmosphere built around hot rods and bikes, we brought Shady Jack’s Bar and Grill to Silverdale.

Come by relax and enjoy, watch a game, grab a bite to eat